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If you look at chimneys on roofs in the area, you will notice many without a chimney cap.

What is a chimney Cap- quite simply as these pictures below show- it is a cap put on the top of your chimney to keep things out?

Grand Designs Masonry Chimney and Fireplace has a philosophy-if you have a fireplace, you need a chimney cap. This is not what some competitors do or think. But we do this as we know how important a chimney cap is.

We get asked all the time why put on a chimney cap??

Here are the top four reasons why we put on caps and that are customers have asked and wanted us to to put on their chimneys.

  1. They help keep water and moisture out. Without a cap, there’s nothing to prevent snow, ice, and rain from getting down into your chimney flue and causing damage. A properly fitted cap will work to protect against, water, snow and ice pileup on your chimney’s crown which is another area vulnerable to water damage and roof leaks.
  2. Caps keep out animals, like birds and squirrels and even racoons. These animals can and do make nests in chimneys. Plus, without a cap they have been known to get into a house and cause damage.
  3. Caps keep out leaves, pine needles, and other flammable debris. Flue blockages can cause smoke problems and chimney fires, especially if the blockage is caused by flammable leaves and pine needles from nearby trees.
  4. Caps prevent sparks from leaving the chimney and causing fires. Chimney caps are often referred to as “spark arrestors” because many include wire mesh guards, which prevent hot ash and floating embers from exiting the chimney and potentially causing a fire on your roof or in nearby trees or shrubs. Without a cap, those sparks and hot ash can easily get loose and run wild.

These pictures below will show work we have done putting on a variety of chimney caps.

Call or email Grand Designs Masonry Chimney and fireplace today to find out about a cap for your chimney.