Chimney Repair/Rebuilds

There are times a chimney must be repaired or rebuilt. Bricks may fall, or cracks will appear. Weather of course can play a key factor in this. Fires and lightning also can affect the structure of your chimney. Safety is always the key in this.

The experts at Grand Designs Masonry, Chimney and Fireplace can take care of inspecting and determining if your chimney can be repaired or if it needs to be rebuilt.

We will fill in cracks, replace bricks and take care of as many repairs as we can.

If we must rebuild your chimney- we will need to either reconstruct a portion of the chimney system or the entire chimney. If you have as an example-a ceramic chimney liner or portion of a masonry chimney that has been damaged by lightning or fire, this is a chimney that usually needs rebuilding.

Minnesota winters are known for being notoriously brutal, not just on us, but on our masonry chimneys. You see, the bricks on our chimneys are porous, which means they soak up the moisture that rain, snow, and ice brings. The problem is, when those water-logged bricks freeze and thaw with changes in the temperature, they pop, spall, and crack, leaving them unattractive and weakened. Once damaged, they’re even more vulnerable to water penetration and damage, and can compromise the structural integrity of the chimney, lead to chimney leaks, and leave the entire chimney discolored, damaged, and unattractive.

These are the signs of damage we commonly see here in Minnesota:
• cracks, gaps, and holes in the mortar joints between the brick
• cracked, popping, or spalling brick
• discolored brick (whitish or darker than normal)
• leaning chimneys

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If you’ve noticed signs of deterioration and discoloration, which could signal water damage or structural issues, we can help. Here at Grand Designs, Masonry, Chimney, and Fireplace, we’re committed to providing full-service chimney care and world-class service to the land of 10,000 lakes, and that includes masonry repair and chimney rebuilds. Whether you need to have a portion of the chimney rebuilt or lengthened, some masonry joints repointed or tuckpointed, or you need to have the entire chimney taken down and rebuilt, our experts are equipped and trained to do the job quickly and professionally.

No matter what repairs are needed, you can count on us to produce great work, clean up after ourselves, and leave your property spotless. We also offer masonry waterproofing to help you keep your masonry in tip-top shape after repairs are made.

If you are interested in having exterior work done on your chimney, we highly advise a chimney inspection and sweep (if necessary) to ensure your safety and to avoid any unexpected surprises during the exterior repair. All sweeps and inspections will be performed by a CSIA certified chimney sweep and inspector. Unfortunately, we currently do not service gas or pellet fireplaces.

What Causes Chimney Damage?

Because your chimney is constantly exposed to the elements- conditions like too much water or snow melt and ice can all play a part in wreaking havoc at times on a chimney. The freeze and thaw cycle causes water to seep into the chimney foundation and cracking happens. Thus, when the condition of the chimney gets so bad and your chimney states tilting or leaning or falling apart- it is then not up to Code. So, if your chimney is not up to the proper code, then rebuilding it is a certainty and in your best interest. If you need to have your chimney looked at, please contact us today.

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