What’s more energy efficient gas or wood burning fireplace?

At Grand Designs Masonry Chimney and Fireplace, we often get asked so what do we know to be the most Energy Efficient, a Gas or Wood Burning Fireplace?

Many Homeowner Associations say that when a new homebuyer is looking for a home, a Fireplace is one of the top desired features they look for.

Why – because sitting around a fire is something warm, inviting and cozy.

Considering how efficient a fireplace is can be quite important. Fireplaces have air leaks, they can be messy and expensive, and disperse pollutants into the air. So, when deciding on the type of fireplace to put in your home, you should really consider many things.

With fireplaces, heat can escape through air leaks, and the fireplace efficiency goes down. Wood burning fireplaces require more work and can be messy. Gas fireplaces can be expensive to put in and use Natural Gas so this cost for you goes up as well.

But there are ways to improve the efficiency of your fireplace. One key of course is to go to a store that sells fireplaces and choose a fireplace that is energy efficient. Plus, you can ask a Fireplace Professional Services Company for ideas and answers on things you can do at home to make your Fireplace better.

What type of fireplace is the most efficient? Gas or Wood Burning?

Energy Companies have said that a Gas Fireplace because of how its burns clean and has fewer pollutants is more efficient. Wood burning fireplaces emit many more pollutants of course.

The bottom, line, if you like a relaxing cozy view, the natural effect of wood and all the things that go with a wood burning fireplace, then this type of fireplace might be for you.

Or if you want a more efficient fireplace with less mess, a cleaner burn with fewer pollutants being emitted, than your best option might be a Gas Fireplace.

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