Chimney Repairs

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At times, a chimney might need to be repaired or rebuilt. Weather, use and just overall age and wear and tear can affect this.

The experts at Grand Designs Masonry Chimney and Fireplace have found that getting the proper maintenance and work done on a chimney is one of the most important things you can do for enjoyment and safety at your home.

From our experience and training, we listed a few articles below on Chimney Repairs

  • I think everyone agrees when a fireplace gets used particles build up and can start to block the air flow. Thus, creosote is made and too much can lead to a buildup of Carbon Monoxide. Having a Chimney Cleaned regularly will clear the air flow and prevent CO2 poisoning. Plus, your fireplace will heat better, and the smoke will flow in the right direction.
  • One source we found online was the State of Connecticut and they had interesting things about Chimney Repairs. Click on this link below to see this information.

What to Know About Chimney Cleaning and Repair (

They mentioned that Creosote, the black or brown residue of combustion that collects on the inner surfaces of a chimney flue liner, is highly flammable. If allowed to build up, it can catch fire, causing cracks in “fireproof” brick, stone or clay flue liners and allow heat to reach nearby wood framing and other combustible materials in your home. A dirty chimney is the cause of many houses fires each year.

Our Summary–

Look at your fireplace—and ask-Can you see visible cracks? Does your fireplace work like you think it should? Does it get smoky when you have a fire?

If you know and see visible items that are broken or need repairing or you just are not sure if your fireplace is working properly- then please do not use your fireplace until you find out if it is working properly and if not that it gets fixed before you use it.

So-email- Grand Designs Masonry Chimney and Fireplace first and let our experience come to work for you!–

  • The experts at Grand Designs Masonry Chimney and Fireplace will determine if you need repair or rebuilding of your current fireplace.
  • Once we figure out what you need, we will fill in cracks, replace worn or damaged bricks, and handle repairs that are needed that we are able to indeed fix.
  • If you rebuild a chimney at your home, we will determine if you need a portion rebuilt or the whole chimney?
  • For Chimney Repairs-Trust our experience and have confidence knowing Grand Designs Masonry Chimney and Fireplace will get your job done right, on time and with professional quality workmanship. Call 1-651-207-6374.

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